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If you can see a future without me and that doesn’t break your heart then we’re not doing what I thought we were doing here.
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You're cute but nothing beats silly bandz

i hope you all live happily ever after

Val, would you mind showing & explaining all your tattoos? I'm loving the rose on your arm, by the way!

I would not mind at all. :) 
And thank you, it’s part of this full piece:
imageWhich is brought to you with lyrics from the beautiful Sara Quin’s Not Tonight.  This piece was my first and truly means a lot to me on an intimate level.  It revolves around the confidence and belief in myself that was stripped away when I was in this terrible period of suffering with my depression, and how I was looking for answers within every body but my own.  I broke the compass when designing it to symbolize and represent that I now know that what will truly make me happy and that where I hope to be one day (I have this incredible fascination with ‘home’ as a concept, as a feeling rather than a place) will only come from within myself, and from the paths I choose, and through literally following my heart.  

My second piece is much more simple, but still adored.
I think this is the best picture I really have of it right now:
I have two symmetrical bands on both of my arms above my elbow with a break in the front of each with Tegan and Sara’s actual signatures.  They are/I can almost guarantee will always be/the most pivotal and influential people in my life.  I’ve always loved the visual aspect of arm bands, and then coupled with the symmetry tying in to them being identical twins, I quickly fell in love with the concept.  (Also Sara’s signature is on the same arm as her lyrics.) 

My mom's friends said I'd make a good mother. Your Uhaul or mine? *lesbian wink*

prettty sure either works